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Marketing manager presents you the seperated the events according to brand value.

From the begining you have the whole event agenda. Such as IT events on govern, TBD (Turkey information technology society.

This is about road map how you plan marketing budget.

You may organise events Wright time for the maximum attendance. Promotion products may be innovaitively planned by us.

You may alsa have oppotunity to attend Our loyality programmes and you do not have the outsource an event.

This gives you cost advantage.

We manage all your social media accounts on Turkey and support language.

Integrated event agenda will be presented by us. This leads you for the most effective and efficient event planning time. We satisfy all event needs. We create cost advantage because of presenting non dedicate personals.

We do all the services mentioned above. They are the needed investment criterias in the market. We increase the costs extremely and doesnt that enough for you ?

  • BMMS (Bepro Marketing management service)
  • Dedicates Service
  • Shared Service

Multi Service only package.

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