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This package is for everyone. You may serve in Turkey for many years or you may stepping up right now.

Main problem for the foreign investor because of non existince of such service in Turkey, they have to work with the Turks all over the Europe to do tele marketing. But because of language and not knowing the customers problems they do not reach their goals.

Now its BePRO time. We are the first consultancy company does telemarketing in Turkey for the investors.

Our inside sales professionals also visit the customers to meet and turn cold call on the phone to a better relationship.

Telemarketing service is inside sales service also because the professionals are experts or technically well educated.

Unqualified leads are avoided by Bepro.

Account managers always attend first meetings by them selves. They create pipeline included meeting notes. We call this service “BOS”

We do the rememberance of the Outsourced Renewals with various methods such as account mailing, partner mailing, and when the time comes doing calls etc. We are also genarating a new sales opportunity by helping them. Solving their problems with partner or any other. Basically we do warm calls with all of your clients.

Bepro is the only company settled in the Turkey and touch the customers face to face.

Bepro creates it’s own lead and qualify it. Does Account management and with the BOS Plus service manage the engineering staff by its team.

There is two type of service you may have.

  • Dedicated service : We dedicate you a Professional and he/she only Works for your brand.
  • Shared service : You will share our dedicated professional with 3 different company. But its important that,we choose them from the companies not competing with you in the market.

Dedicate inside sales “account manager backgrounded“
Shared Account Manager (Max 2 Customer)
Dedicate inside sales “account manager backgrounded“
Shared Account Manager (Max 2 Customer)
Shared Presales (Max 3 Customer)

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