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We rule whole the process of country management

First of all we meet with relevant distrubuters. By the type of your product, we find most efficient top 3 distrubuters and present them for your approval. Then we find partners; we improve them and complete certification process.

We introduce you to the market with various activities and events.

We manage all your technical and sales processes with our qualified staff.

Our inside sales team find qualified customers with tele-marketing and lead it to our account manager. Our account manager set and attend to the following meeting with our technical staff. After the Project is created, we lead it to partner which is chosed by strategically to improve.

We follow the sales with the partner. If partner need demo and poc support,our technical manager helps to improve.

Demo and POC works operated by us on major enterprise account and telco accounts.

After the sales process completed, we enter the renewal data for the remember.

Every quarter our post sales manager visit customer for the health check. This shows to the market that you are trusted brand and always think about customer satisfication.

That is how we raise your logo and brand…

If you have a country management Office; you may find our special asistance to improve your management on the services below.

Vendor leaves all the process to a country manager on classical terms. Success is totallly depend on the managers ability. On the market countrt manager concerns and priority is on major and telco accounts.

But in the field micro management is much more important as macro management for raise your brands flag up in the market.

We, as a BePro… We take over the whole country management corporately. We support the process with our team including inside sales, channel, account and technical managers. You should not deal with human resources or etc. BePro will rule whole process for you. Do micro management deal with all the channels, telco, enterprise major accounts simultaneously.

You do not have to settle in Turkey and will not deal with the local laws, taxes or any other procedures etc. No last minute suprises and costs.

…Now think about it. With one country manager or system engineer what’s your current poisition and how long does it take? How many years do you need to have BEPRO processes. Lets take a offer.

You don’t have to trust to distrubuter as it’s used to.

You may add us to the process and can have full control and backup checks over your country management process if you want.

Setting up a control process avoids abuses and brings trust and supports success.

We have three diffent type services.

  • Dedicated Professional for every position in regular sales circle.(channel Manager,technical
  • account manager,inside sales etc.)
  • Shared dedicated professionals.(Works max 3 brands not competing each other)
  • Bos+ service (You may find the detail under inside sales section)

At the begining avoiding office costs gives you an advantage start.

What you need is the most important priority for you and us. Your privilages starts with your needs.

We also analyse your needs and offer you the essential package on best price.

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