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When you are investing to a foregin company you have to start with strong partner network.

We will integrate you to over 500 hundered partner network and classify them by the spesification of your product. Our partners have high market dominance and channel manager does account mapping for fast sales opportunity. We also integrate your partners to the eco system rapidly and dynamically.
For the improvement of the channel technically there are few solutions we may offer:

  • If you want we may dedicate you a technical expert, or we can organise technical education for the partners.
  • We organise efficient events for the partners to settle intimately eco system.
  • We manage your rebate,spiff campaigns and all certification processes.

If you have a limited budget and want to start with channel management this package is for you.

You may start with a disturbuter and channel management with BePro multi service system.

You may start sales opportunities and creation and improvement of your channel technically with smaller budgets in Turkey.

BePro is the first and only company in the market doing this services by this way. You may choose whatever you need according to your budget and start to earn money easily.

We well know which partner makes the sale to which account .

There is two type of service you may have.

  • Dedicated service : We dedicate you a Professional and he/she only Works for your brand.
  • Shared service : You will share our dedicated professional with 3 different company.But its important that,we choose them from the companies not competing with you in the market.

Channel manager is essential for ruling your network but what about technical subjects? Every quarter by the technical certification programmes we qualified your partners.

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