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Easiest job BePro does. Maybe this is hard for you or for new brands but it is so easy when we connected with the almost every acoounts.

In our process adding on classing system, our inside sales team always help account managers. Sometimes they lead ready oppprtunity, sometimes they organise meetings. Shortly if you have a team assisting your account manager, they can’t only focused on closing the deals.

What are you focusing on ?

Bepro expert profesionals uses its own database contains whole market in country. This strong database is settled up in so many years and lead you to the success.

We know the market better than your account managers. Subjects that you managers struggle most, the main complain is the new oppotunity channel and unfocusing to pipeline you may understand. BePro services always solve the problems on the cases.

There is two type of service you may have.

  • Dedicated service : We dedicate you a Professional and he/she only Works for your brand.
  • Shared service : You will share our dedicated professional with 3 different company.But its important that,we choose them from the companies not competing with you in the market.

Inside sales team support and assitance to account managers.

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